What we do.

Through our advice and training, our clients create impact with insights, they thrive in a fast-changing world and build their organizations for growth. We have walked in your shoes - having run global insight firms and worked with many of the world’s leading insight teams.

If you are looking to increase your value – to clients, investors or stakeholders – we are here to help.

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When you are busy running a business, it is hard to get perspective and look to the future. We help insight firms plan ahead, developing and implementing strategies to help them flourish, and maximizing the value of their financial and management information.


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An insight is not an insight unless it leads to action. Many of the world’s leading insight teams have used our Power Skills training to move from providing insights to delivering business impact. Our training modules range from the use of creativity in research to how to enhance your influencing skills, and our very latest introduction - how to measure the business impact of research.


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Whether you want to grow by buying a company or team, or if you want to realize the fruits of your hard work through exit, we will advise and facilitate the process and be by your side throughout.


“Simon Chadwick and the Cambiar team have been a valuable partner for years…delivering thoughtful and relevant content at our annual client symposiums.  Cambiar’s perspective is perennially leading-edge and their guidance on ideas (as well as delivery) on target for our clients and for us”

- David Rothstein, CEO, RTi Research

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