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Capital Funding Report
Capital Funding Report
Consult Cambiar - capital funding report
capital funding report
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Capital Funding Index Report: 2022

2021 had been an incredible year for investment into the insights and marketing analytics sector – over $9 billion in one single year...

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Consult Cambiar - Capital Funding Report 2020

Capital Funding Index Report: 2021

During the first year of the Covid Pandemic, the Insights Industry had its best year for inward investment since 2014...

Capital Funding Index Report: 2020

Back in May 2020 ESOMAR predicted a fall in global insights industry revenues of up to 22%. Even if the final result turns out...

Consult Cambiar - Capital Funding Report 2019

Capital Funding Index Report: 2019

On the surface, inward investment into the Insights Industry appeared remarkably stable in 2019...

Consult Cambiar - Capital Funding Report 2018

Capital Funding Index Report: 2018

2018 saw a healthy increase in the amount of inward capital invested in the marketing insights industry but with fewer investors putting their bets down on fewer companies...

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