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Mergers and acquisitions

Whether you want to grow by buying a company or team, or if you want to realize the fruits of your hard work through exit, we will advise and facilitate the process and be by your side throughout.

Consult Cambiar - Selling Your Company
Selling Your Company

If you are thinking of selling your research and insights company, Cambiar’s experience will be there to help you. We will offer an opinion on value, identify prospective buyers, prepare key documents, aid you in due diligence, and negotiate through to a successful conclusion.

Consult Cambiar - Acquiring a Company
Acquiring a Company

Making a successful acquisition is a challenging and time-consuming process. The risks of picking the wrong company or overpaying are significant. Cambiar and it's partners have been involved in over one hundred acquisitions, so let us bring our expertise to bear for you as you go through the process.

Consult Cambiar - Valuation & Ownership Transition
Valuation and Ownership Transition

Many research and insights companies reach the point where some change in ownership other than a complete sale is needed. You may have rising talent who you want to bring into ownership or wish to recognize the long-term contribution of senior staff by making them shareholders. Cambiar’s partners have advised many companies in these transitions, helping them value the portion to be sold, modeling the cash flow implications of the transaction, and developing the terms to be incorporated into legal documents.

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