IMPACT: Power Skills.

An insight is not an insight unless it leads to action.

Behind each of these courses is the over-riding goal of increasing your impact, securing more resources, bigger budgets and more respect.

All modules are customizable to your needs and your firm’s particular circumstances.

Creativity in research and analytics

Enable researchers and analysts to use creativity to enhance business impact.

Presentation Skills

A practical course in delivering impactful presentations under any circumstances.


Create deep insight by combining big data and primary research.

Journey from researcher to consultant

Inspiring teams on the road from being methodological professionals to becoming valued, strategic advisors to the business.

Data to insights to impact

Move from understanding the real business issue to enhancing the productivity of insights and creating true business impact.

Influencing Skills

Discover and use your influencing skills to bring about business impact.

Communicating for impact

Ensure impact from your insights through a wide variety of communication options – reports, presentations, infographics, imagery, videos and gamification.

Measuring the business impact of insights

Teaching and embedding the habit of measuring the impact of your insights and then evangelizing that impact.


Become a great story-teller: the theory and reality of telling stories with impact.


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