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IMPACT: From Insight to Impact – the Activation Journey

An insight is not an insight unless it leads to action.


“An insight is not an insight unless it leads to action”. Validatory research and analytics has its place but should form no more than 30% of budget spend. True insights should be capable of being acted upon.


But how do you, as an insights professional, ensure that they actually are acted upon? This course lays out core practices that enable activation to take place, beginning at the outset of a project and continuing on well after the results have been communicated.


This course is designed not only to assess the critical prerequisites for activation (trust and credibility) but also to provide practical tools and processes by which activation can be baked into a project or initiative from the start. This includes framing of the real business issue and articulating action criteria and standards. We then provide simple tools for taking any insights that emerge and understanding their implications together with stakeholders in terms of actions to be taken. Finally, we lay out a framework for active and persistent follow-up to ensure that the actions actually are taken and that a log is kept of the decisions made and the reasons behind them.

End Result

Participants leave the course with real life tools that they can put to immediate use, as well as having learned techniques (for example, Appreciative Inquiry) that allow for mutually beneficial understanding and easier activation processes. Research gets used in more decisions and the value of the insights function becomes more widely apparent to the organization.

“Simon is a very engaging trainer. Glad we were able to leverage him once again and build on his prior training with us.”


Research Manager

Major bank

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